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06 May 1875–20 Jul 1959

William Daniel Leahy


Was an American naval officer and chief of staff of the US Army during the Second World War.

He stood behind all vital military decisions undertaken by the US during the Second World War. As US Navy commander-in-chief in 1937-1939, he supervised war preparations. In 1940-42, he served as US ambassador to France, where he sought to limit German influence in the collaborating Vichy government. As a personal advisor of the US President, Leahy accompanied Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Yalta conference.

The Yalta Conference
Place and duration

From 4 to 11 February 1945. It took place in the Imperial Palace in Livadia near Yalta in Crimea.


The USSR leader Józef Stalin, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Foreign ministers, chiefs of staff and numerous advisors and experts representing the three largest countries of the anti-Hitler coalition also participated in the talks.


During the talks in Yalta, which lasted over a week, a number of arrangements were made for strategic cooperation in the final phase of the war and the principles of the political order in the world after the war.


Winston Churchill


Ernest J. King