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01 October 1946

1 October: Delivery of judgements against the main war criminals in the Nuremberg Trials (Nürnberger Prozess)

The trials before an international military tribunal last ten months before verdicts are handed down. Twelve of the 24 accused are sentenced to death, others receive prison sentences. All the atrocities committed by the Nazi Regime are detailed during the trial, even though some sections of the German public want to suppress the events. The 1958 Ulm Einsatzgruppen, or death squad, war crimes trial and the 1963-65 Frankfurt Auschwitz trails once again increase German awareness of the crimes.

01 August 1946

The Forint Is Introduced (August 1, 1946)

10 February 1947

Hungary Signs the Peace Treaty of Paris (February 10, 1947)