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07 December 1970

Willy Brandt kneels before a Holocaust monument in Warsaw (Brandt’s ‘Kniefall von Warschau’)

In a humble gesture, Will Brandt creates new worldwide awareness of Germany. Spontaneously, the Chancellor kneels before the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising monument and demonstratively honours the victims of German war-crimes in Poland. Conservative circles in Germany initially express criticism, but Brandt becomes the role-model for a generation of social-liberal Germans, and not just for his symbolic action. Today, the site of Brandt’s kneeling is named “Skwer Willy'ego Brandta” (Willy Brandt Square)

19 June 1970

Preparatory meeting of the Slovak World Congress, 19 – 21 June 1970

14 December 1970

December 1970 protests