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04 April 1945

A Soviet Announcement Declares the Occupation of Hungary’s Territory

Pushing the front forward from East to West, the Red Army was increasingly able to place Hungary’s territory unders its control. Due to the violent acts committed against women and the practice of ‘malenkiy robot’ (a little work) resulting in deportation to forced labor camps in Siberia] the presence of Soviet troops left deep scars on many layers of Hungarian society. People’s Tribunals initiated the process of calling war criminals to account for their deeds. The era of a ‘kingdom without a king’ came to an end, replaced by a multi-party republic. Following the reallotment of land, the practice of smallholding dominated agriculture.

06 March 1945

Formation of the Petru Groza government and the beginning of Romania’s communization

05 April 1945

The first governmental programme of renewed Czechoslovakia