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15 October 1944

Szálasi Announces Continuing the War on the Side of Germany

In the wake of Hungary’s unsuccessful attempt to leave the alliance, Germany put a group of right-wing extremists, the Arrow Cross Party, in power. The Arrow Cross Party subsequently turned the country into a war zone, leading to incalculable losses of both human and material resources. Out of the one million people who perished in the war, half were Jews either transported to Auschwitz or exterminated by other means. While the Soviet Army’s capture of Budapest put an end to war-time sufferings, further questions arose, such as issues concerning the presence of ethnic Germans as well as the repatriation of Hungarians living in areas beyond Hungary’s borders.

09 October 1944

The Moscow Percentages Agreement

27 January 1945

27 January: Auschwitz is liberated by Soviet troops