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10 February 1947

Hungary Signs the Peace Treaty of Paris (February 10, 1947)

While Hungary ended the war on the losing side, the government still hoped that the country would be judged more leniently due to its attempt to abandon its German ally. Its expectations were to regain national sovereignty, achieve the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the country and perhaps retain a few of its reacquired territories. These futile hopes proved groundless: in this new peace treaty not only were Hungary’s borders restored to the Treaty of Trianon’s specifications, a further three villages were granted to Czechoslovakia. In addition, the Treaty of Paris provided no guarantee for the protection of minority groups.

01 October 1946

1 October: Delivery of judgements against the main war criminals in the Nuremberg Trials (Nürnberger Prozess)

01 June 1947

Communists Take Over after Ousting Prime Minister Ferenc Nagy