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20 August 1949

Hungary’s Stalinist Constitution Comes into Effect

Rákosi, ‘Stalin’s best Hungarian disciple’, established total dictatorship throughout the nation. As was laid out in Hungary’s 1949 Constitution, the nation became a People’s Republic with the Rákosi coat-of-arms—displaying the five-pointed, red star in its center—designated as its state symbol. The way in which Rákosi imitated over-industrialisation, the cult of personality and show trials indicates his total servility in following the Soviet example. His power was ensured by the presence of a political police force that was ruthless when facing any enemies of the communist system.

24 May 1949

24 May: Proclamation of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany (‘Grundgesetzes der Bundesrepublik Deutschland’)

07 October 1949

7 October: The German Democratic Republic - GDR (‘Deutsche Demokratische Republik’ - DDR) is established