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04 July 1953

Prime Minister Imre Nagy Calls for ‘New Stage’ Politics

The emerging victor of the power struggle that erupted following Stalin’s death, Khrushchev tried to curtail Stalinism in the Soviet Union, thereby laying down the path for the policy Hungary also was to follow. Prime Minister Imre Nagy made measures to moderate the dictatorship’s iron hold on the nation by correcting irregular aspects of Hungary’s economy and putting an end to show trials. The standard of life temporarily improved. In Moscow, however, political power relations once again shifted and Imre Nagy was replaced by Mátyás Rákosi.

17 June 1953

17 June: The People’s Uprising in East Berlin and the GDR is violently suppressed

25 November 1953

The Hungarian National Football Team Defeats Great Britain at Wembley, 6:3