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No to Disinformation!

Disinformation and Fake News Versus Interpretational Disputes in History and Conflicts of Memory

What does a document do? Contextual information as an antidote for disinformation and manipulation

Historical Fallacies in Nazi Propaganda

Historical Fallacies in Communist Propaganda

Historical Negationism with Regard to Nazi and Communist Crimes

Examples of Great Falsifications in 20th-century History

Why Can Disinformation/ Manipulation of History be Dangerous?

How Historians Verify Information

How Jornalists Verify Information

Information (Filter) Bubbles


Can a True Document/ Information be an Element of Disinformation/ Manipulation?

America’s Countering Soviet Disinformation in the 1980s

Communist’s Disinformation in Czechoslovakia

Mechanism of Rumours Spreading

Russia’s Twitter propaganda

Change and Continuity: The Second World War in the Memory of Russians and in Russian Politics

Analysis of selected Russian “documentary” portals

The image of Poland and Poles in Soviet films on the example of the film “Dream”

Analysis of Vladimir Putin’s article “The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of the Second World War”

Remembering the Katyn Massacre as an Example of an Effective Struggle Against Historical Disinformation

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