‘Hi-story Lessons: Teaching and Learning about 20th-century European History’ is a project held by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS).  


At ENRS, we foster dialogue on the history of 20th-century Europe and European cultures of remembrance, with particular emphasis on periods of dictatorships, wars and resistance to political violence, and enhance public awareness.

Or aim is to bring together the history of the Network’s countries – Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania as well as other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Guided by the spirit of friendship, we combine a sound knowledge of history with innovative, thought-provoking teaching.

We do this by organising a wide range of projects, from exhibitions and publications to workshops, study visits and conferences. Our aim is, guided by the spirit of mutual trust, to support the development of a common European culture of remembrance.

‘Open dialogue – is something we need for better understanding of the present, as well as the protection from disinformation and manipulation. It is a process, that should never come to an end.’

Rafał Rogulski, Director of ENRS


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Our Team

Urszula Bijoś

Project Coordinator


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Monika Haber

PR & Communication Manager


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Joanna Orłoś

Head of Projects Department


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