‘Hi-story Lessons: Teaching and Learning about 20th-century European History’ is an on-line multilingual platform dedicated for teachers and educators with free, ready-to-use and innovative resources on 20th-century European history, disinformation, and historical manipulation especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

At Hi-story Lessons, we strive to equip teachers and educators with educational materials – infographics, animations, lesson scenarios, a selection of interesting historical sources, presentations and others. By using them teachers and educators can present history in an  engaging way, sparking curiosity and involvement, fostering critical thinking skills among students.

We are dedicated to presenting history from various viewpoints, emphasizing the importance of understanding different perspectives. Our aim is to allow students better understand the complexities of the present and function in it more consciously.

Teaching resources are available in English, Polish, German, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian.

As part of the Hi-story Lessons initiative, we host a series of webinars led by experts in the field. These sessions provide practical advice and ready-to-use resources, covering topics such as Holocaust education, combatting disinformation, and exploring themes of resistance and solidarity across Europe. To discover ENRS educational events, webinars or information about current campaigns, visit the News and Events tab.