After the Great War. A New Europe 1918-1923

Voting in parliamentary elections. Kraków, Poland, 1935. Photo. National Digital Archives
After the Great War. A New Europe 1918-1923

The First World War completely changed East-Central Europe. Upon the ruins of four old empires, a dozen or so new countries appeared and almost all borders were redrawn, often in course of continued military conflicts, which lasted even until 1923. After having suffered very high losses, the region started rebuilding and modernising efforts. A New Europe was established.

The exhibition tells a story about the creation of a new political order. The contrast between the old and the new is built thanks to the use of two materials – rigid steel contrasts with a light, bright fabric.

Andrzej Jaworski

Jaz Plus Architekci – designers of the exhibition

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"After the Great War. A New Europe 1918–1923" exhibition – Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation appeared in Germany, Austria, Hungary (the former Central Powers) and in Poland 1922-1924.