Discovering memory places

Discovering memory places

A visit to a memorial site dedicated to the victims of the totalitarian regimes might be a challenging experience for students and can give rise to important questions for a teacher too: how can you prepare the students to enrich their learning process? How can you offer them a new perspective on history?

In this lesson, you can find educational materials that will allow you to introduce students to the topic of memorial sites. During such lesson, students can learn how to analyze monuments and memorials.

Check also our the on-line talk recording entitled ‘Preparing students for a visit to a memorial site’.



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'Preparing students for a visit to a memorial site' | On-line talk

We kindly invite you to watch this discussion between a history teacher and an educator. Our speakers were:

• Evelyn Steinthaler completed her training as a guide at the Mauthausen Memorial in 2018. Since 2019 she has been working for the education department as a guide for classes of schoolchildren and adult visitor groups at the Mauthausen Memorial.
• Christine Riesenhuber has been teaching German language, history and politics since 2000. Since 2020 she has worked at the European School Munich. She has organised several projects related to Holocaust and Nazism.

Sound in the Silence – Project Presentation

Sound in the Silence is an intercultural and international remembrance project for youth. At historically challenging locations students work with artists representing different artistic fields in order to understand how the past is connected to their questions in the present.